U.S. Grape Industry Facts

Grape Facts
US highest value fruit crop
6th largest crop in US
Valued at close to $5 billion (USDA NASS)
Nearly one million acres of grape-bearing land (wine, raisins, and table grapes)
32% of the value of all noncitrus fruit grown in the US
25,000 US Farms grow grapes (MKF Research)
7,343,400 tons of grapes (USDA NASS)
Contribute $162 billion to US economy
$33 billion in wages and $17 billion in state and local tax revenues
   (MKF Research)

 Production Facts
US produces 605 million gallons of wine
California produces 90% of the volume of wine
US accounts for 10% of world grape production (4th after Italy, France 
  and Spain)

The US leads the world in wine consumption with sales ofclose to $35 billion
Wine can be purchased at 600,000 places both on-premise and off-premise
As of October 2014 there are 7,946 wineries in all 50 states 

US exports reached $1.55 billion in winery revenues up 16% to previous year,
   a gain for a fourth year (Wine Institute)
Volume shipments reached 435 million liters or 478 million cases
   (Wine Institute)

Exports of American table grapes, grape juice products, raisins, and wine
   reached $1.6 billion (in 2006), the largest US horticultural export

California produces 90% of all wine exported from US (Wine Institute)
Top markets are European Union, Canada, Japan, China, and Mexico
Approximately 1/3 of raisin crop is exported

US imported $5 billion worth of wine (US Department of Commerce)
30% of wine sold in the US is imported
Imports have grown 76% in five years up to 2006, most in wine imports
Top three countries from which wine is imported are Italy, France 
  and Australia

Nearly 30 million winery visits annually, providing employment to over 50,000 people
California has 20.7 million visits, generating $2 billion in tourism revenue
New York had 4.1 million visits and generated $312 million (MKF Research)
Washington had 2.4 million visits representing 2.3% of overall tourism
  accounting for $1 billion in wine related expenditures (Stonebridge Research)

 Sustainable Practices
Sustainable practice programs lead the wine industry in practices that are
  environmentally friendly and that reinforce the connection between wine and
  the community
 Programs exist East to West: from New York to California, Oregon 
  and Washington

Top 10 Wine Producing States

Rank      State Gallons
 1 California 783,047,749
 2 Washington 34,712,644
 3 New York
 4 Pennsylvania 10,278,722
 5 Oregon 7,964,417
 6 Vermont 4,315,420
 7 Ohio 3,582,902
 8 Michigan 2,334,036
 9 Kentucky 2,241,527
10 Texas 1,026,465

Statistics gathered from the U.S. Tax & Trade Bureau by WineAmerica, 2013

Top 10 Wineries by State

Rank State Number of
 1 California 3,782
 2 Washington 681
 3 Oregon 599
 4 New York 320
 5 Virginia 248
 6 Texas 204
 7 Pennsylvania 182
 8 Ohio 143
 9 Michigan 137
10 North Carolina

Prepared from U.S. Tax & Trade Bureau Data by WineAmerica, 2013