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About NGWI

The National Grape and Wine Initiative (NGWI) is an industry-driven partnership with academic and government representatives, designed to focus emphasis on research and extension as a means to strengthen the competitiveness of America’s grape and grape product industries.

All segments of the grape industry are represented and engaged in taking responsibility for the future of the industry:

  • Table grape growers
  • Juice grape growers
  • Wine grape growers
  • Raisin grape growers
  • Wineries
  • Producers

Strategic Plan

NGWI created a strategic plan that outlines 5 Key Research Priorities for immediate focus, and provides a detailed list of research and extension objectives and strategies in five key areas:

  1. Understanding and improving quality
  2. Consumer insights and nutrition
  3. Production and processing efficiency
  4. Sustainable practices
  5. Extension and outreach

The strategic plan is the result of a continual dialogue with academic and government research and extensions providers, as well as, industry stakeholders from the grape and grape product community.

NGWI is utilizing the strategies developed to engage scientists and facilitate targeted research efforts.
Outreach to stakeholders (the industry) is a key component of success and a focal point across all NGWI activities to ensure rapid commercial adoption of new technologies and research outcomes.

NGWI is actively seeking increased industry and governmental support to achieve strategic goals.

NGWI is currently concentrating on three key initiatives to meet its goals:

  1. Developing alliances and unifying research priorities among the research community and industry stakeholders;
  2. Catalyzing creative extension and education proposals to address outreach needs; and
  3. Coordinating members to lobby for Federal funds, including the Farm Bill